Raising Innovative Kids through Skill-based Learning.

Millions of children in low-income communities in Africa lack skills development opportunities and school-level instructional support they critically need. But together, we can bridge the digital divide and pull down the walls of educational inequality to enable equal access to quality learning for all. 

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A transformative Social impact program for African youth aged 13 to 19

Children need to be exposed to Skill-based learning opportunities

Here's why:

Thousands of rural and low-income communities in Nigeria suffer socio-economic inequalities. Children are not left behind as they also do not have access to inclusive, equitable and quality education that equips a child with the 21st-century skillset for employability and are also not equipped to adapt to the new methods of learning.

Skills development brings about a progressive and prosperous society and every person, including children and teenagers have a part to play in building the society.

“Every child must know that he/she has the power to bring positive change to the world. You do not just tell them; you show them by empowering them with the skills to make it possible.

Blessing Akpan

Founder, TICNetwork




Children Impacted



Our Vision

We envision a society where every child have the necessary skills to increase employability, encourage innovation, promote community resilience and contribute to the achievement of SDG4 locally and globally.

Our Mission

Promoting quality education, for every child.

Our Core Values

We derived our core values from the accronymn CHILD  
We are committed to transforming the society through education and skills development, by being involved in every child’s growth in order to inspire commitment to learning thereby achieving a progressive society, one child at a time.

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To providing skill-based education to kids, build capacities and raise funds to provide learning aids to schools in rural and low-income communities. 

what we do

We provide mentorship on technical and skill-based education to children, build capacities and raise funds to provide learning aids to schools in rural communities.

Literacy Programs

TiCNetwork through its literacy program seeks to improve the literacy and numeracy abilities of its children…


Mentoring for children is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills they can learn from mentors,  but also because mentoring provides professional…


We Organize trainings for our children periodically on: Programming ( Mobile, Web, Scratch) Drawing/Painting

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Our Partners

What Our Student and Parents are Saying


“This network has helped me most in the animation category. Mainly the 3d animation. Sure Muvizu is no Blender, but it has laid down the basics for some more advanced animation techniques”

TICNetwork Kid

“TICNetwork feels like a family. The training sessions for my kids were quite interesting and very interactive. The children kept looking forward to their sessions on zoom. Learning has been absolutely fun.”
Mrs Ekaette
TICNetwork Parent
"I like the different areas TICNetwork has greatly impacted my children and I like that the mentors understand each child and relate with them with different positive approaches.”
Mrs. Adenike
TICNetwork Parent
“TICNetwork came to us during the lockdown following Covid-19 and answered our prayers for learning that was both engaging and fun without having to leave home.”
Mrs. Emem
TICNetwork Parent

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TiCNetwork works with individuals, schools, companies, government, nonprofits and other organizations to address interlocking issues of literacy by providing skill-based education to kids, build capacities and raise funds to provide learning aids to schools in rural and low-income communities.