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A transformative Social impact program for African youth aged 13 to 19

About RippIED

Applications are open for the first cohort of the RipplED Social Impact program. RipplED is a transformative program powered by The Innovative Child Network. It is designed to empower young minds aged 13 to 19 with the skills, knowledge, and resources to create positive ripples of change in their communities. RipplED is a three-stage journey from January to March 2024. It guides participants through a virtual skill-building boot camp, project implementation, and the opportunity to share their accomplishments through the RipplED web app. Upon completing the three-month program, fellows continue to receive support to scale their projects and develop their leadership skills.


Program Stages

Stage 1 - Virtual Skill-Building Boot Camp and Mentorship Program

A comprehensive boot camp covering five key modules: Project Management, Design Thinking, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Sustainable Development Goals (S.D.G.s). Student engage in interactive online sessions led by industry experts and mentors. They develop essential skills, knowledge, and mindsets to prepare for impactful projects.

Stage 2: Project Implementation

Students form teams, identify a problem in their communities, and leverage the knowledge gained from the boot camp to develop a solution that addresses the problem. Through support from their mentors, they will gain hands-on experience to design innovative and sustainable solutions that would generate profound impact.

Stage 3: Project Showcase and Mentorship

Completed projects are showcased on the RipplED web app, providing a platform to share their work with a global audience. Students will pitch their projects to a number of judges and their fellow participants. They will also receive ongoing mentorship to monitor project progress, address challenges, access funding and measure impact.


The program is entirely virtual, ensuring accessibility for students across all regions of Africa.

Program Focus Area

Design Thinking

Develop the creative problem-solving skills necessary to tackle complex issues. Learn how to empathize with users, brainstorm innovative solutions, and prototype your ideas to create tangible impact.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Discover the 17 global goals set by the United Nations to transform our world. Learn how you can contribute to these goals, and align your initiatives with global efforts to address crucial challenges, such as poverty, climate change, and inequality.

Social Entrepreneurship

Understand how business can be a force for good. Explore the principles of social entrepreneurship, business ethics, and sustainable practices, and develop your own socially impactful projects.

Project Management

Gain expertise in managing projects effectively from initiation to completion.


Cultivate leadership skills through experiential learning, team-building activities, and mentorship from experts in the field. Become a confident, compassionate, and effective leader who can inspire others to take action.

Benefits of Joining RipplED

Skill Development

Acquire valuable skills that will not only enrich your personal development but also provide a strong foundation for future academic and career pursuits.


Connect with a community of like-minded peers, experienced mentors, and professionals who share your passion for positive impact.


Benefit from ongoing mentorship to guide your project's journey and measure its success.

Global Impact

Your projects contribute to addressing real-world issues, fostering a sense of purpose and global citizenship.


Receive recognition for your achievements through the RipplED web app and the opportunity to showcase your work to a wide audience.

Programme Supporters

Join RipplED and become part of a movement that empowers Africa’s youth to be change-makers and lead the way in creating a better future.

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