Meet 11 years old Multi-talented Mojoyinoluwa Adeshina

Mojoyinoluwa Adeshina is an amazing bundle of boundless gifts and grace. At the age of 3, Mojoyin showed exceptional talents in absolutely everything she laid her hands on. These talents were however noticed and nurtured by her highly intellectual parents.

Mojoyin is 11 years old Illustrator, Author, Scratch Programmer, a poet, serial social entrepreneur, and a seasoned speaker as well as the youngest On-Air Personality(OAP) in Nigeria.

On being an Author;

She started writing at the age of 7 and became an author at age 9.

At the age of 10, she became a reading guide at Readland Community Library and an Assistant Librarian at the Presidency Bookshelf Community Library Project spearheaded by the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osibanjo in partnership with Readland Character and Competence Center for Children and Teens.

This library which has aided over 500 children in reading and writing. She has impacted the lives of children in many communities as she inspires them to read, write and be all they can be.

Her book, TRIBES APART; The Nigerian of My Dream Series, is inspired by the Nnena and Friend’s, The Nigerian Dream competition that she was part of. She was among the winners of the Nnena and friends challenge. The book is fore worded by Olayinka, the host of the TV show, Nnena and friends. The story subtitled, Tribes Apart, was purposed to encourage unity and love among Nigeria’s over 250 tribes. It was also written to promote strength in diversity among Nigerians.

On being an Illustrator:

Mojoyin is inspired to draw and paint by her multi-talented father, Francis Adeshina – a brand strategist, an illustrator and a publisher.

She draws, paints, and illustrates both digitally and traditionally. She also sketches, designs, and sews wears for her dolls. She started drawing as early as 5.

On being an OAP:

She is arguably the youngest Nigerian OAP ever at age 10, a radio presenter and a radio co-host of a children variety reading program on Voice of Women Radio, WFM 91.7. This radio program is called Readland Radio Fun-time on Voice of Women Radio 91.7 FM reaching out to over 7.5 million listeners across Lagos, Ogun and Oyo State traditionally and globally through online streaming. This is the only radio station in this part of the world that is dedicated to women and their families.

On being a Scratch Programmer:

Mojoyin also learned how to code and write programs at age 7 using Scratch app during her summer. Her love for coding enabled her to create games and apps during her spare time.

She has created about ten different games. They include the Pong game, Fashion game, Name game, Apple game, Hide and Seek game, and Favorite Pet game.


  1. The Dolly Children Foundation Award in recognition of her significant contribution and dedicated service to humanity,
  2. Kidpreneur Ambassador Award in recognition of her significant impact and unwavering dedication in Africa.
  3. Amazing Amazon Award for being an outstanding Kid Entrepreneur
  4. She was recognized and chosen by the Lagos State Ministry of Education as the face of Lagos State World’s Literacy Week 2019. She inspired thousands of Lagos State Primary and Secondary School children to read, write and author their own books at the event.
  5. Her book, Tribes Apart, was the focus of the global event celebrated in Lagos. It was the official book of the 2019 Lagos State World’s Literacy Day event organized by Lagos State Ministry of Education and many other awards and recognitions at the point of this documentation

Mojoyin made the illustrations below while on lockdown and her dream is to build chains of schools that will provide free high-quality education to children from a low-income backgrounds.

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