Children Impacted


Children Impacted

#1Child1Book is an educational initiative of The Innovative Child Network aimed at providing Educational resources for children within the ages 5 to 17 years, while giving them access to skill-based Education and providing solutions to issues in the community through educational leadership and capacity building.

The Maiden edition (2019) of #1Child1Book Literacy campaign improved literacy ability of over 200 rural children in Akwa Ibom State (one of the Niger- Delta state in Nigeria, West Africa).  

The #1Child1Book 2019 campaign project rounded off with a huge children’s day celebration for over 200 children in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. 150 children were given text/ reading books and some for their libraries. Two kids were sent back to school with all relevant school materials.





Children Impacted




Educational Materials

This year, #1Child1Book 2020, in line with the United Nations’ (UN) #SDG4 (aimed at providing quality education for all) #1Child1Book #ForEveryChild started a 5-month campaign which begun on the 2nd of January 2020. 

To celebrate the successful online fundraising of N204,521 and the collection of 352 books in the first phase of our 1Child1Book Campaign, we held an online essay competition, with cash prizes for the top 3 entries; and on May 27th with virtual celebration on Children’s Day on Facebook Live which had 7 speakers, and was watched by 600 viewers from 7 different countries.

In the second phase, 352 Text Books and notebooks were given out to 290 Kids from 7 private schools, and 2 public schools in 8 rural communities in Akwa Ibom states. This also included partnership with an organization; Schools on The Street Initiative to distribute 157 Text books from the 1Child1Book Literacy campaign to schools in Lagos.

We are planning 1Child1Book Campaign 2021 and we would need partnership from various local and international organization to assist in fundraising and donations of Educational resources (Novels, reading text on STEM, Art, Humanities and Art craft for kids between the age of 5 to 17) so we can expand our impact to more kids in different part of the countries.

Learn with Coursera Program


Learning Hours



We are excited to announce that we are a beneficiary of Coursera’s Social Impact Initiative. TiCNetwork has been granted access to over 4,000+ courses on the Coursera platform ranging from Coding, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Animation, Drawing/Painting, etc. to students ages 9 to 17 years.

Notably, our partnership with Coursera was initiated over LinkedIn, and then brought to fruition over further discussions. Students within these age ranges have presented the opportunity to grow themselves professional by giving them access to courses curated by top universities and experts. They get to learn at their pace, improve their skill, and get certified, with our mentors on standby to offer assistance.

With this successful partnership with Coursera, kids from our just concluded 3-month TiCNetwork mentorship class had access to online learning resources and skill-oriented courses. Our first cohort of 50 students has autonomously undertaken 80+ learning hours and counting, with their weekly progress being monitored by mentors through projects and assignments.

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TiCNetwork works with individuals, schools, companies, government, nonprofits and other organizations to address interlocking issues of literacy by providing skill-based education to kids, build capacities and raise funds to provide learning aids to schools in rural and low-income communities.