About Us

The Innovative Child Network addresses the interlocking issues of literacy and youth unemployability by providing skill-based education to kids within the age of 5 to 17 in rural and low-income schools and communities. 

Our overarching guiding principle is the achievement of SDG4 of provision of quality education in Nigeria. To this end, we raise funds and have programmes such as the 1Child1Book campaign, wherein we distribute books to identified rural and low-income schools.

More specifically, our programmes, events and educational inclusive projects are designed on the Battelle for Kids P21 Framework for 21st-century skills, adopted for its success in integrating 21st-century skills with core academic subjects. Our selection of this framework rests on our aim of developing the African child as a competent, confident, compassionate and conscientious individual, connected to his society and being able to meaningfully contribute to their socio-economic environment. 

Within this larger framework, we use elements of participatory design. Our mentors are not only responsive to expectations of learners, but students themselves lead specific sessions. We aim to create an empowering space where students have ownership over all parts of the learning process, and are able to communicate their learning effectively to their peers in a supportive learning environment.




Children Impacted



Our Vision

We envision a society where every child will have the necessary skills to better prepare them for the future, unlocking learning at school and contribute to success, thereby preparing a child for independence of life.

Our Mission

Promoting quality education, for every child.

Our Core Values

We derived our core values from the accronymn CHILD 
Our Partners

Executive Team

We are building a diverse team with an organizational culture where every team member feels valued and important to the organization’s cause, mission and vision.

Blessing Akpan


Kaveri Modayil

Research and Content Development

Fehintola Oladele

Social Media lead

Itoro Akpan

Director of Operations

Wini Usman

Graphics Designer

Betty Nwachukwu

 Media and Communications 

Patricia Mmandu Effiong

Youth Leadership and Innovation

Amandi Warusavithana

Director of Partnership and Development

Our Mentors

Our mentors are central to the success of our mentorship programmes. Having an average of 2-4 years of experience in their respective fields, our certified mentors provide between 1-2 hours for their sessions every week.