STEAM for the Rural Kids

Ensuring Inclusivity and access to quality education is at the core of what we do at The Innovative Child Network. 

We believe that beyond engaging in normal classroom activities, what really help build children into life-long learners is the ability to gain proficiency in not just technological skill, but also in creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, design, and engineering.

While some students grow up in homes in which they are taught how to build and fix things, and are given many manipulatives to do so, others aren’t exposed to these important learning opportunities. 

With the Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) project, we were able to engage these kids in hands-on, experiential learning.  We presented them with series of tools and showed them how they work, how to build and how to fix things. 

Over 50 kids at Golden Schools, Ibaka,  were able to achieve so much within the period of 5 days, from 15th through 19th November, 2021 

Day 1 – 15th November

The first day of the training kick-started with an orientation and an Overview of STEAM Education. The kids were enlightened on different outstanding career paths in Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics. There was also a theoretical and practical session on Photography facilitated by Ms. Yvonne and Mr. Wills from our partner organization, Studio24. Over 20 children in classes primary 4 and 5 learned how to take pictures with the camera and also learners about the different parts of the camera and some concepts in Photography. 

Day 2 – 16th November 

The second day was a training on scratch programming and Robotics. In Scratch, the kids learned about computer games, scratch blocks and also how to move the blocks to form projects. The session was facilitated by Ms. Blessing, the founder of TICNetwork.

There was also a robotics training where the kids learned how to put together the Arduino Robotics Starter components, they were also shown the coding aspect of it. The session was Facilitated by Mr. Aniefiok of AniTech. 

Day 3 – 17th November 

Day three was a continuation of Day two where the components was dismantled and the kids were asked to fix it back which they did. They also learned how to upload their programmed code to the device. 

Day 4 – 18th November 

The fourth day was centred on Arts and Craft. The kids learned how to make product boxes from Embosscard. They also learned about the different materials used in the process. The session was facilitated by Mr. Promise

Day 5  – 19th November 

The fifth day was the last day and they also learned more on Arts and Craft but this time, they made a Paper rocket from Straw board And Embosscard. Two kids, in Primary 3 and 5 received a scholarship which covers their fees till their graduation. The remaining of the training materials was handed over to the Proprietor of Golden Schools to help the kids continue on the learning path. 

We a huge thank you to our partners; Studio24Nigeria, Sensetization Education Empowerment and Health Awareness Foundation ( SEEHAF), The entire Teachers and school administration of Golden Schools, Ibaka including the Proprietor, Mr Joseph Effiong.

We also appreciate our facilitators; Promise Akpan, Aniefiok Ekpenyong and The photography Team from Studio 24 for vunteerimg their time to teach the kids. 

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