Empowering Young Minds through a Transformative STE[A]M Education Journey

Over five inspiring days, the village children at Ibaka community embarked on an incredible educational journey that awakened their potential and ignited their passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education.

Day 1: A Journey into the World of STE[A]M Education

The event started with a captivating session led by the dynamic duo, Mr. Godwin and Miss Lizzy who are both teachers at Golden Schools Ibaka. This marked a significant step forward in the educational landscape of village children from various schools, focusing on STEAM subjects, the training opened with an introduction of children ages 6 – 12 years to the wonders and opportunities that S.T.E.(A).M education brings.

Mr. Godwin artfully sparked curiosity within each child, revealing the seamless interplay between different disciplines. The kids, representing the diversity of village life, discovered their potential in these fields. The mission was clear: to demonstrate the importance of STEAM education and nurture their innate potential for innovation.

Despite a laptop glitch, the session seamlessly transformed into an engaging hands-on experience. Visual aids and a non-functional laptop became tools for learning as the children identified and understood various computer components. Their excitement was palpable as they absorbed knowledge from the blackboard and practical demonstrations.

Day 2: Unleashing Creativity through Scratch Programming

The second day continued the journey as kids delved into computer appreciation, led by the skillful guidance of Mr. Godwin. With only one laptop available for practical use, the scarcity amplified their eagerness. Guided by Mr. Godwin and Miss Lizzy, the children explored mouse control and folder creation and even delved into Scratch programming. They effortlessly navigated the basics of coding, marking their introduction to the programming world.

Day 3: Mastering Scratch Programming and Beyond

As the training progressed, day three saw participants consolidating their learning from day two. Recapping Scratch programming, the children’s homework assignment reflected their deepened understanding. An impressive 90% successfully replicated the concepts, showcasing their dedication and newfound coding skills.

Day 4: Unveiling Artistry through Bead Making

Creativity took centre stage on day four, guided by bead-making expert Mr. Loveday Prince Will. Armed with tools and inspiration, the kids crafted personalized bead items. Collaborative efforts resulted in beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and more, reinforcing the value of teamwork and sharing skills.

Day 5: A Heartwarming Conclusion

The grand finale encapsulated the journey’s culmination. Children proudly showcased their newfound skills, from coding programs to crafting intricate bead designs. A virtual address by the founders of Golden Schools and The Innovative Child Network emphasized the significance of these young learners’ potential, leaving them inspired and grateful.

In a heartwarming gesture, the village kids virtually presented customized beads as tokens of gratitude. The program touched 41 young lives, leaving them with a renewed passion for learning, creativity, and innovation.

In the heart of Ibaka, this STEAM initiative sowed seeds of curiosity and innovation among remarkable young minds, setting them on a promising lifelong learning and creativity path. The event showcased the transformative power of education and the extraordinary potential of village children when given the right platform and opportunities.

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